Jakarta, PONTAS.ID – Kapok seeds, which have been considered useless, have now become one of the mainstays of Indonesian exports. During the harvest of kapok seeds, many seeds are scattered on the ground, waste that is considered useless, but now kapok seeds have economic value in Korea, even reaching hundreds of millions of rupiah.

"In Korea, kapok seeds are used as animal feed, after going through the process of kapok seeds into oil, the pressed cakes are combined and matched with other ingredients, because basically kapok seeds have no taste and smell, so it is necessary to combine other ingredients to stimulate the taste of the feed. livestock," said the Head of the Semarang Plant Quarantine Section, Cisilia Triwidiyanti, in her official statement, Tuesday (30/7/2019).

He said that the Semarang Agricultural Quarantine Officer had certified 100,000 kilograms of kapok seed cake worth IDR 343 million for Korea.

“This certification is important so that exports can be accepted to the destination country. In addition, officers also carry out inspections so that trafficked commodities are free from dangerous plant diseases," said Cisilia.

He said that the export of plant-based feed ingredients to Korea proved that the production quality of Indonesian plant-based feed ingredients had high competitiveness against international trade.

"It is hoped that this export realization will be able to increase the enthusiasm and motivation of business actors to continue working in order to encourage the increase and acceleration of exports of Indonesian products to foreign markets," he said.