Kapok seed oil has many benefits, one of which is to mix livestock feed. Kapok seeds can be used as animal feed ingredients because they have high nutritional value, one of which is protein content.

Kapok oil is yellow and odorless and tastes bland. The fatty acid content is the same as cottonseed oil, while the percentage of linoleic acid is lower.

The percentage of oil is about 22-25%. Oil extracted from kapok seeds can be used to make cooking oil that is non-cholesterol. In addition, kapok seeds can also be processed into soap, batik materials and biodiesel oil ingredients.

Indonesian kapok farmers since time immemorial have used kapok seed oil for various purposes, not only the Indonesian people who use this kapok seed oil, this kapok seed oil is also in demand by several countries. So there are several countries that always buy kapok oil from Indonesia.

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